May I admire you again today?

(This was originally a post from a couple months back, apparently if you edit things they change their order.)

“This is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing, it’s really marvellous!”

A volcanic ensemble would be a kinder phrase to describe things right now, as in all honesty admiring from afar is hard work. Duckie has is right with constant persistence but the situation i’m in isn’t taking after Pretty In Pink (Hughes, 1986) unfortunately.

This is only going to be a short post because i’ve been at work today and my head feels like it’s going to fall off. But in my own saga,  The fawning continues! Now if you’ve never done that you’re lying. It’s a definite thing, thinking about potential situations with someone you’re crushing on is your brain’s way of filling you with false hope.

I’ve decided that i’m just going to marry John Stamos really, because he is quite glorious. But seriously, if he finds his own equivalent to the lovely Andie, then… I will just deal with it. I’m the kind of girl that’ll catch herself thinking in the moment about what could be and pin her hopes on it. Lesson to self: Don’t pin everything on one hope.

Sitting here watching 80’s teen films again isn’t really helping, because I still have no one in my back garden with a boombox trying to serenade me. 


Hope you’re all well. Live long and prosper,

Home Girl, interrupted.




*Warning: This post does have spoilers about the movie and the book*

‘That’s a thing about pain. It demands to be felt.’

There’s not enough I can say about The Fault in our Stars (Boone, 2014) that would give it the justice it deserves. This one was always going to be a hard one to write, but I decided it wasn’t worth avoiding anymore.

This film, (and the book), tell a story that isn’t just unique to one person, and it is done beautifully. One thing is for sure, Cancer sucks. What people often forget is that just because someone has an illness, terminal or otherwise, doesn’t mean they’re any different to how they were. As my aunt always told me, ‘They just get tired quicker, that’s all.’ In terms of character deaths, there is no other that is ever going to be as heart wrenching to any John Green fan as that of Augustus Waters. The pain I felt watching his health get worse and worse was truly unreasonable. Unreasonable because how invested must one become in the life of a fictional character, to mourn their death as if it were a real person?

But that is why my dear friends, this book is so genius. Augustus Waters was real. He exists within you and I, and within the lady on the bus, or the man at the grocery store. If we do not aspire to do greatly or be remembered in our lives, then what are we really living for? His inability to be mundane is what the human race strives for, and unfortunately along with many other terminal and non terminal illnesses, our own bodies and minds try and tear us apart sometimes. As more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses everyday, we are also closer to finding a cure each day, and that is an achievement in itself.

For those of you who are going through things in your life, and everyone is going through something, whether it be big or small, you are not a burden. Always be kind to one another, as you don’t know what is hidden behind a smile. If no one has reminded you today, you are important, and I care about you. Too many people go the length of their lives never knowing how much they are worth because no one ever took the time to tell them. You are worth more than the sun and the sky and the stars above, and I hope you always remember that. You are not a grenade.

You don’t need to push yourself away because you think you’re hurting people, or for their protection. As Augustus Waters would say, pain demands to be felt. Feel it, embrace it, and let others help you ease it.

Live long and prosper,

Home Girl, interrupted.


Oxfords, not Brogues

‘Now, my point is that the lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path that you needn’t stay on. If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.’

Whilst I don’t have a Colin Firth to teach me the ways of the Kingsman, I do have the next best thing, myself. This is not a sign of narcissism or the branches of vanity starting to overshadow, it is simply the realisation that I am my most valued ally.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (Vaughn, 2015) is a movie that I can watch time and time again, it’s just that good. If it wasn’t clear, my love for films has informed the way I live my life and I learn more from films than I do from any other aspect of my life. As someone with an anxiety disorder, this film is a massive contribution to the way my perspective has changed in the last year. January 2015, I was afraid of everything, and I believed that I was only useful for one thing, which was to help other people enrich their own lives. While this was rewarding in itself, it took me a whole year of watching this film many times to realise that I have yet to make something incredible of myself. It’s OK to help other people, it’s the helping yourself which is hard work.

Some people have the fortunate luck of being able to go out into the world and do whatever they choose to do because they always have the means to make it happen. Like me, not everyone has that option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the opportunities for yourself. I now live everyday to the most of what it can be, whilst still winning the battle in my mind. I’m on my way to being the best Kingsman Agent I can be.

It’s not within our best interests to fall short of our own potential, or to settle for anything less than we work for. But good things come to those who work hard, not to those sit around waiting for it to be handed to them. In the long run, yes there are testing times and trying moments that really do work us to the limit, but the rewards that we reap for the hard grafting we put in is all worth it in the end. Confidence and determination are two things I hope this post instills in anyone who comes across it, because the suit is the modern gentleman’s armour. The Kingsmen are the new knights. Now is the time to be the best Kingsman you can be.

Live long and prosper.

Home Girl, interrupted.

And Hell is just a Sauna

‘Secondly, don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Go for it.’ 

It’s just gone midnight here, and i’m awake pondering the reasons why my life doesn’t resemble a golden age teen flick. Where is my high school sweetheart holding a boom box outside my window? Or my Patrick Verona just being absolutely fricking perfect? I don’t hesitate on the thought of wanting my life, especially my love life, to arrive at a happily ever after. But back in the real world, of course things are not that easy.

Whilst my own saga is bound to continue behind the scenes, on which you will get regular updates don’t worry, I would just like to talk about the original love story of my childhood for a minute. 10 Things I Hate about You (Junger, 1999) is absolute perfection for all the right reasons that aren’t just Heath Ledger. I think I was around ten or eleven when I first saw this film, and that was about seven years after it was released. I fell in love with it immediately. I’m aware the original story comes from Shakespeare’s tale of The Taming of the Shrew, but this modern day adaption is truly timeless. It’s witty and emotional in all the right places, and it counts as a classic must see. It always taught me that i’m not second best to anyone, and I shouldn’t settle. Let it teach you too, sometimes people need reminding that they are good enough and they shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than they want or deserve.

With films that are my favourites, like The Breakfast Club or The Lost Boys, and obviously this, I always assume people have seen them because I know them line by line. If that is not the case, which may well be possible, do one thing in the next few days and watch this film. You will laugh, and maybe cry but it’s all worth it in the end. Trust me.

Until next time, when the love story of my own is updated.

Live long and prosper,

Home Girl, interrupted.

Bi-Curious & The Virgin

‘Exactly. You root for them, you love them, so when they are brutally murdered, it hurts.’

No this is not a horror blog, although it could be depending on which way you look at it. This is just an outlet of things that happen in my own crazy, screwed up world and my attempt at trying to figure them out. Let me know if you get any light bulb moments, I could do with the extra… help?

Today in the world of a slightly insane, almost-adult, the day was spent telling people about the newest TV series I just finished watching (with my brother, who is sat here and wanted me to say ‘hi internet…’) So this new show has just released its second season on Netflix and it seems to be hitting the cliffhanger nail on the head. Unlike my own life full of Kardashian obsessors and Trump worshippers, Scream (MTV, 2015) has created characters that you actually care about. Noah Foster, (John Karna) and Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus) are among those I wish I was truly friends with. Although I can’t knock my own group of friends because they are some of the greatest (and most insane) people i’ve ever met, a certain air of sophistication follows around the special friendship that these two have.

My point is, MAKE GOOD FRIENDS, because these are the people that will stick with you through mass murders and/or mass deadlines, whichever one you’re most likely to be part of. Let’s hope deadlines aren’t that mind altering for you. Also this post is about an above average, slightly more than decent TV show that you could watch if you have a couple dozen hours spare.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not responsible for any nightmares.

I know this is a bit of a strange first post, but it’s just something to break the ice. If you found it boring, welp. But in all my fits of anonymous anger, sadness and despair I shall inform you with all the gory details. In the mean time, do something you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Live long and prosper,

Home Girl, interrupted.