Oxfords, not Brogues

‘Now, my point is that the lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path that you needn’t stay on. If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.’

Whilst I don’t have a Colin Firth to teach me the ways of the Kingsman, I do have the next best thing, myself. This is not a sign of narcissism or the branches of vanity starting to overshadow, it is simply the realisation that I am my most valued ally.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (Vaughn, 2015) is a movie that I can watch time and time again, it’s just that good. If it wasn’t clear, my love for films has informed the way I live my life and I learn more from films than I do from any other aspect of my life. As someone with an anxiety disorder, this film is a massive contribution to the way my perspective has changed in the last year. January 2015, I was afraid of everything, and I believed that I was only useful for one thing, which was to help other people enrich their own lives. While this was rewarding in itself, it took me a whole year of watching this film many times to realise that I have yet to make something incredible of myself. It’s OK to help other people, it’s the helping yourself which is hard work.

Some people have the fortunate luck of being able to go out into the world and do whatever they choose to do because they always have the means to make it happen. Like me, not everyone has that option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the opportunities for yourself. I now live everyday to the most of what it can be, whilst still winning the battle in my mind. I’m on my way to being the best Kingsman Agent I can be.

It’s not within our best interests to fall short of our own potential, or to settle for anything less than we work for. But good things come to those who work hard, not to those sit around waiting for it to be handed to them. In the long run, yes there are testing times and trying moments that really do work us to the limit, but the rewards that we reap for the hard grafting we put in is all worth it in the end. Confidence and determination are two things I hope this post instills in anyone who comes across it, because the suit is the modern gentleman’s armour. The Kingsmen are the new knights. Now is the time to be the best Kingsman you can be.

Live long and prosper.

Home Girl, interrupted.