Keep the change ya filthy animal

“This is it, don’t get scared now.”

It’s December 25th guys! (well technically it’s boxing day, but when I started this post it was christmas day.) You’ll be glad to know i’m feeling loads better. I took a break and just worked on making myself feel like i’m a whole person, instead of trying to do too much and spread myself too thin.

I am back, and i will be more up to date with this, especially since i had a timetable mess up at university, and i was doing an extra class and stuff. But it’s fine, i made it haha. Just about. I have spent this christmas working, my job was in a christmas grotto at the local mall, and then i had university work to do. So i haven’t really had a second spare, but the whole thing has helped me keep my feet on the ground. Anyway, today’s movie is obviously Home Alone! (Columbus, 1990) And this is because it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Remember when you were a kid? and everything seemed so much bigger than it actually is? Finishing school for christmas was the best thing in the world, and getting to watch movies was a perk of the holiday because you got to stay up late. Then when you grow up, it all just seems the same as every other day. But that’s only because of the lack of christmas spirit and the short amount of time there is too. When you’re a kid you have holidays for at least a week before christmas, but this year i’ve worked everyday of the festive season, including christmas eve. I just want to say make time for moments of childishness and innocence. Get those christmases back like when you were a kid if you can. It restores the christmas spirit too.

This isn’t a long one, just because i feel a bit braindead from doing essays all day, but it’s just to let you know that i’m here and i’ll be here. So if you have any ideas of films you’d like me to write about, or anything you want to say, including just hi if you want to, then let me know. I’d love to know what everyone’s watching.

I also got Life of Pi and Halloween on DVD for christmas. Happy Bunny.

Be kind to one another this festive season.

Live Long and prosper,

Home Girl, interrupted.


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Just a girl trying to make sense of this mad world I live in.

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